New flavours, new possibilities.
Add fun and finesse on every dish

 An unmatched product range of fresh herbs, edible flowers, mini veggies and young leafed salades

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our products

fresh herbs

Fresh herbs

A wide variety of our fresh herbs
designed to fine-tune your dishes.

Edible flowers, decorative and tasty!

Edible flowers

Add colour, flavour and a little whimsy to your dishes. Some of our flowers are spicy, some are herbacious, while others are floral and fragrant.
Let our range of edible flowers surprise you!


Young leafed salades

A crisp salad mix, consisting of freshly cut leafs. A mix of colours with balanced flavours.

Mini vegetables

Mini vegetables

50 different sorts of mini vegetables, all adding their own unique scent, flavour and fun! 



private label van Laethem

Our products, your brand

Enforce your brand with an unmatched range of fresh herbs, edible flowers, mini vegetables and salades of top notch quality.

Bell'aroma, Van Laethems brand

Bell’aroma, our brand!

Marketleader in herbs, edible flowers, mini vegetables and young leafed salades




Innovation and hightech, with mother nature as our ally

wide variety

The largest range regarding aromatic herbs, amongst some are special and almost forgotten flavours

Perfect service

Easy to order, taken care of with extreme commitment, delivered with dedication

Quality and safeguarding

Fresh products in specific packaging